The Costume, Hair,  and Makeup Program at ELAC focuses on developing skills in costume design, technology, and production in order to prepare students for transfer to 4-year costume programs and/or for jobs in the entertainment industry, including film, television, theme parks, theater, live performance, and commercials. 


The Designer is responsible for creating the visual character with costumes, hair, and makeup to help communicate the story to the audience, in collaboration with the actors, playwright, director, and design team. Theatre design offers great opportunities to train the students’ creative and practical skills. Costume, Hair and Makeup Designers use color, fabric, texture, shape, silhouette, and line to create dynamic characters.

Goals and Opportunities

Our Design and Technology theatre department offers a two-year program designed to prepare students to transfer to a four-year College, or to start working in the professional field as a technician or a design assistant.

Each student will have the opportunity to develop their skills through design and technical classes and apply them to our main stage productions. Design students may assist a faculty or student designer on a main stage production and eventually design their own production as a Costume or Hair and Makeup Designer.

Although we mostly focus on live Theatre, all the classes can be applied to other fields such as Film & Television, Theme Parks & Events, and Industrial design which will be discussed through the course of the program.

The department of theatre also participates at the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (KCACTF) each year in all fields of Performance, Design, Technology, and Management. In the last few years, many of our design students have reached the regional finals, including a costume design student, who participated in the national finals.


Each student will be trained in Costumes, Hair, and Makeup and will acquire basic and advanced skills, such as: patterning and draping, costume construction, wardrobe, dyeing and distressing, costume history, hair and makeup, costume crafts, illustration, budgeting, portfolio, and career management. As we promote a multi-disciplinary approach, the students are encouraged to take classes in multiple fields. (See our list of Degrees & Certificates)

Students are also introduced to an array of industry standard software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Costume Pro, Wild Ginger, and software for our fabric sublimation printer.


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TECTHTR 350 Makeup for Theater
TECTHTR 351 Applied Makeup Design
TECTHTR 355 Makeup Practicum
TECTHTR 360 Costume Design for Theater
TECTHTR 361 Applied Costume Design
TECTHTR 363 Costume Textile Dye & Paint
TECTHTR 364 Costume Sewing and Pattern Making
TECTHTR 365 Historical Costume Sewing & Patterning
TECTHTR 366 Fantasy Costume Sewing & Patterning
TECTHTR 367 Costume History
TECTHTR 382 Sketching and Rendering
TECTHTR 345 Costume Practicum
TECTHTR 342 Technical Stage Production
TECTHTR 305 Orientation to Technical Careers in Entertainment

Non-Credit VOC ED 360CE Sewing Essentials
VOC ED 361CE Sewing Alterations 
Non-Credit VOC ED 362CE Costume Tailoring I
VOC ED 363CE Costume Tailoring II
The courses listed can be taken in any order since there are no prerequisite courses. The courses are offered in a two year rotation. It is recommended, but not required, to take TECTHTR 305 Orientation to Technical Careers in Entertainment at the end of a student’s studies to have maximum material for their portfolio and website.

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Students can earn an AA degree with an emphasis in costumes, obtain Skills Certificates and Certificates of Achievement in costumes, and explore more opportunities through our Vocational Education courses. There are three skills certificates in costume design and construction.  

Costume Design & Technology Certificate of Achievement

Required classes  
TECTHTR 360  - 3 units
TECTHTR 367  - 3 units
TECTHTR 345  - 2 units
TECTHTR 305  - 2 units
TECTHTR 342  - 2 units
TECTHTR 361   - 2 units
TECTHTR 363  - 3 units 
TECTHTR 364  - 3 units
Elective classes
TECTHTR 365  - 3 units
TECTHTR 366  - 3 units

Total Required Units: 20
Total Elective Units: 3
TOTAL 23 Units
Click here for a PDF version

Costume Design & Application Skills Certificate

TECTHTR 360 - 3 Units
TECTHTR 367 - 3 Units
TECTHTR 345 - 4 Units
TECTHTR 305 - 2 Units
TOTAL12 Units
Click here for a PDF version

Costume Construction Skills Certificate

TECTHTR 345- 2 Units
TECTHTR 363- 3 Units
TECTHTR 364- 3 Units
TECTHTR 305- 2 Units
Required Core Courses: 10 units

TECTHTR 365 - 3 
TECTHTR 366 - 3 units
Elective Courses: 3 units

TOTAL13 Units
Click here for a PDF version

Wardrobe Attendant Skills Certificate

TECTHTR 342 - 4
TECTHTR 364 - 3 
TECTHTR 345 - 2 
TOTAL9 Units
Click here for a PDF version

Makeup Design and Application Skills Certificate

TECHTHTR 350 - 3
TECHTHTR 351 - 2
TECHTHTR 355 - 2
TECHTHTR 342 - 2 TOTAL 9 Units
Click here for a PDF version


"Without the costume classes provided at ELAC, I would not have been able to further myself academically and in my career. I am where I am today and continue to grow because of them."
-Victoria, Costume Student

"I was fairly new to the wonderful world of theatre and as a creative person I was able to explore the various facets of the artistry. The talented theatre faculty at ELAC created an environment which provides students with the necessary tools to get ahead in the industry. The program has contributed in shaping my visual aesthetic and taught me high artistic standards and commitment to the craft."
-Roberto, Costume Student

"The best part about ELAC's costume design program, which I always tell everyone, is that it is hands on. Because of ELAC’s smaller student ratio, I think we all benefitted from being able to work on real professional shows every semester, which teaches so much more than just textbooks could ever. Being able to design real shows and not just drawings as assignments."
-Marisol, Costume Student

"Our mentor is the single most passionate person I have ever been taught by. She works to no end aiding the student and has created an inviting environment to work and create in. Each day we look forward to going to class and learning more and more from her."
-Kristina, Costume Student


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