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Production photo of shadow play in : "The Metamorphosis"


The Designer is responsible for shaping the environment that surrounds the actors and create a metaphorical landscape to help communicate the story to the audience, along with the Actors, Playright and Director.

Theater design offers great opportunities to train the students’ creative and practical skills. Much like an architect, painter, or sculptor, the theater designer works with space, color, light, fabric and sound to create entire worlds from the empty space of the stage.

Goals & Opportunities

Our Design and Technology theater department offers a two-year program designed to prepare students to transfer to a four-year College, or to start working in the professional field as a technician or a design assistant.

Each student will have the opportunity to develop their skills through design and technical classes and apply them to our main stage productions. Design students may assist a faculty or a student designer on a main stage production and eventually design their own production.

Although we mostly focus on live Theater, all the classes can be applied to other fields such as Film & Television, Theme Parks & Events, and Industrial design which will be discussed through the course of the program.

The department of theater also participates at the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival (KCACTF) each year in all fields of Performance and Design, Technology, and Management. In the last few years, many of our students have reached the regional finals and, in the last two year, one lighting and one scenic design student participated in the national finals in Washinton DC and won second place in their respective field.

Production photo: "The Metamorphosis"


We currently offer training in design and engineering for lighting, sound and projection systems in our productions, as well as advanced networking, and use of network machine control of other equipment such as LED lighting, High End intelligent lighting fixtures, Panasonic Laser Projectors and control boards.  

Students are also introduced to an array of industry standard software such as AutoCAD, Vectorworks, Sketchup, Photoshop, Illustrator, QLab, ProTools, SFX Isadora, Watchout and AfterEffects.


The program embraces concept and technology to develop enhanced theatrical experiences. Students are exposed to the production process and are given design assignments to develop their conceptual and technical skills. Completing this rigorous program prepares the student for a variety of design and engineering jobs related to theatrical performance, as well as time-based media, and site-specific environmental / installation work. (See our list of Degrees and Transfer Degrees)


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Scenic, Lighting design & Sound Design
TECTHTR 300 Stagecraft
TECTHTR 315 Introduction to Design
TECTHTR 380 Scenic Design
TECTHTR 311 Introduction to Lighting
TECTHTR 370 Lighting Design
TECTHTR 330 Sound Design
TECTHTR 382 Sketching and Rendering
TECTHTR 384 Computer Drafting
TECTHTR 313 Scenic Art
TECTHTR 305 Orientation to Technical Careers in Entertainment

Practicum (lab)
TECTHTR 340 Technical Theater Practicum
TECTHTR 342 Technical Stage Production
TECTHTR 343 Scenery Practicum
TECTHTR 346 Lighting Practicum
TECTHTR 347 Sound Practicum

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Stagecraft Skills certificateStudents completing this skills certificate will acquire skills to pursue entry-level positions in theconstruction and crafts areas of the entertainment industry.

TT 300 Stagecraft - 3 units
TT 342 Technical Stage production - 2 units Required Core Courses: 5 units 

TT 340 Technical Theater Practicum - 4 units
TT 343 Scenery practicum - 2 units
Required Elective Courses: 5 units

TOTAL 7-9 units
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Theatrical Lighting Skills certificate
Students completing this skills certificate will acquire skills to pursue entry-level positions in theatrical lighting forthe entertainment industry.

TT 342 Tecchnical Stage Production - 2 units
TT 346 Lighting Practicum - 2 units
TT 370 Lighting Design for Theater - 3 units

TOTAL 7 units
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Theater and Entertainment Technology Certificate of AchievementThe Certificate of Achievement in Technical Theater and Entertainment Technology provides students with the foundational training and technical skills for entry-level positions in the following entertainment industry occupations: theatrical stagehand, lighting electrician, audio technician, programmer, rigger, set carpenter, scenic artist, art director, set dresser, property master, and production assistant. Our production process replicates a professional theater environment in a contemporary facility that includes three performance venues equipped with state-of-the art technology. Students receive specialized classroom instruction which is reinforced with rigorous hands-on training in technical theater practicums. Certificate students wishing to pursue careers in technical direction or theatrical design (scenery, lighting, sound) are encouraged to transfer to a four-year institution for additional training in their specific area of interest.

Required Core Courses 13 units
TT 300 Stagecraft - 3 units
TT 305 Orientation to Technical Careers in Entertainment - 2 units
TT 311 Introduction to Theatrical Lighting - 3 units
TT 315 Introduction to Design - 3 units
TT 342 Technical Stage Production - 2 units

Practicum Electives (choose one) 2 units minimum
TT 340 Technical Theater Practicum - 4 units
TT 343 Scenery Practicum - 2 units
TT 344 Props Practicum - 2 units
TT 346 Lighting Practicum - 2 units
TT 347 Sound Practicum - 2 units

Technical Theater Electives (Choose one) 3 units minimum
TT 313 Scenic Art for Theater - 3 units
TT 330 Sound Design - 3 units
TT 370 Lighting Design for Theater - 3 units
TT 380 Scenic Design for Theater - 3 units

TOTAL units required 18-20
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ELAC and its faculty fosters many relationships with professional theaters and organizations such as Center Theatre Group (CTG), the Los Angeles Theatre Center (LATC), the Theatre @ Boston Court, Universals Studio, LA Muse Art, and many other institutions. Professional internships are offered yearly to ELAC students, a rare opportunity at this level and offer field training with the possibility of remuneration.
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