ELAC offers a multidisciplinary approach to the study of theatER and students are encouraged to attend different classes. This is why we also offer a variety of classes that contribute to a well-rounded multidisciplinary approach to theatER like playwriting, script analysis, theatER history and history of motion pictures, and a multitude of other classes designed to give a strong foundation to our students.


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THEATER 100 Intro to Theater & on-line
THEATER 110 History of the World Theater
THEATER 112 History of the World Theater II
THEATER 114 Script Analysis
THEATER 130 Playwriting
THEATER 505 History of Motion Pictures & Online


Script Analysis Skills Certificate 
Skills Certificate: Students completing this skills certificate will acquire the introductory skills necessary to be a director, playwright, dramaturge, or educator.

THEATER 114 Script Analysis - 3 units
THEATER 130 Playwriting - 3 units
THEATER 225 Beginning Direction - 3 units

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Demetra P. Kareman - Playwriting -

James Buglewicz - History, History of Motion pictures, Script analysis -

François-Pierre Couture - Intro to Theater -

Matthew Floyd Miller - Intro to Theater -

W. Collin McKay - Intro to Theater -

Casey Cowan Gale - Intro to Theater -

Laura Quiroz - Intro to Theater -

Eric Augusztiny - Intro to Theater -

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